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Themis Papandreou was born and raised in Larissa.  He studied Mining Engineering at NTUA and Photography at EMEF (Photography Research & Development Studio) in Athens.  After qualifying, he worked in professional photo labs and was responsible for printing for some of the best professional Greek photographers.  In 1993 he took a course at the Vlassa College, also in Athens, in order to specialise in commercial photography. 



He returned to Larissa in 1994 and a year later opened his own studio,“fotografi”, providing professional services in the fields of commercial and event photography.  This led to him working closely with most of the large manufacturers and commercial agents in Central Greece.  During this period he also mounted two exhibitions of his Black & White Infrared film work in Larissa. 



In the five year period from 1995-2000, he undertook to teach photography techniques to the “Exodus” therapeutic community photography club.  This resulted in six more successful exhibitions, the last of which, entitled “Disappearing Professions”, was presented at the Larissa's Contemporary Art Centre. 



In 2004 he realised that for him the most creative photography is that involving people and from then on concentrated his artistic efforts on wedding photography.  He attended seminars given by the most renowned international photographers, such as Yervant, Jerry Ghionis, Nick Ghionis, David Beckstead, Kevin Kubota and Doug Gordon and participated in European conventions held in London and Athens in order to develop his own style in the field. 



In 2008 he relocated to larger premises and opened “Studio Papandreou”, equipping it with the necessary technology to undertake the entire wedding photography and videography process in-house, from shooting to the finished digital photobook product.  His team expanded to include a graphic artist, a marketing/PR executive and a video editor, all of whom undergo continuous training with the aim of providing the best possible customer service and end result. 


Themis is currently developing a new range of services and products in line with those available internationally.  These will include pregnancy photographs, newborn photography, and pets photography.  In order to maintain a high standard in this area, he followed seminars given by Sandy Puc, a leading US photographer in the field of child and family photography.



Studio Papandreou participates in local weddings fairs, presenting both its existing and new products and services to the local market.  Significant emphasis is also being given to developing an online presence in order to expand its client base nationally and within Europe and so provide wedding services to Greek and foreign nationals alike. 



Themis Papandreou has been a member of “Phoebus” (the photographers'  copyright association of Greece) and SWPP since 2010. 



In June 2015 he was awarded the ASWPP qualification, one of only six Greek wedding photographers to hold this honour. 

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